Asymmetry Art Exhibition: main event of the Hope House of Ceylon to raise funds, awareness and gather communities and individuals who want to support or participate in our activities

Community discussions: open talks about living in harmony and taking care of each other with the help of religious leaders.

Inter-community lunch and dinner: promoting solidarity, understanding and a sense of community through shared meals.

Theatre and music: Gather artists who want to hold musical nights for soul healing (‘paduru party’) and stage drama evenings with affected communities.

Art: Organise art days with the children of affected communities, giving them a chance to express their sorrow, grief and ill emotions through colours, music and literature. Later they can share their creativity and connect across language and cultural barriers.

Mental health care support: Organise care from psychologists, therapists and doctors to give conflict trauma victims immediate relief from sleepless nights, nightmares, depression and other mental issues.

Training mental health care professionals: Invite qualified and experienced professionals from abroad to train new and existing mental health care givers including therapists, psychologists, counsellors.