Provide Mental Health Care and Personality Development Programmes

Our centre aims to evaluate the mental state of the initial beneficiaries through voluntary psychiatric assessments and aims to provide them with medical treatment and/or therapy when necessary.
We aim to conduct public speaking personality development programmes and to organise social relations workshops.
Our further goal is to organise group activities to stimulate team spirit and rebuild trust which will provide beneficiaries with the confidence and comfort to reintegrate into a post-war era society.


Educational and Career Training Services

We aim to provide education and career training services for children in the north who are affected by the civil war.
A further goal is the establishment of non profit educational and career training, provided under the centre for initial beneficiaries. 

  • Provide external college graduate internship opportunities to establish educational services depending on their specialised subject area for the initial beneficiaries in-line with the education structure of Sri-Lanka
  • Design student exchange programmes to build a bridge between Europe and Sri Lanka, which will open the door for initial beneficiaries to experience a different culture, language and an exposure to a developed livelihood.
  • Develop curriculum focusing on career-specific training, e.g. backend programming in IT, photojournalism, etc; with practical aspects to ready the beneficiaries for the competitive job market.
  • Provide guidance to acquire training contracts from local and international companies.
  • Initial beneficiaries will receive mandatory linguistic classes, covering languages such as English, Sinhala, and French, among others.


Provide Support and Guidance

  • Identify talented and creative young people who will excel in arts, music, creative writing and drama in order to help them receive scholarships and training programmes.
  • Design small business blueprints with the hopes of encouraging future entrepreneurs.  
  • Create competitions based on creative writing and music.
  • Provide musical instruments and lessons.
  • Organise sporting events and fundraisers.


Potential Expansion/Outlook

  • Following the success of the education and career centre in Kilinochchi after a period of five years, we will establish a second branch in Colombo.
  • After a complete SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats) analysis of the centre, our objective is to open another branch in the South which will encourage the reconciliation process of post war Sri Lanka, bringing together the Tamil, Sinhalese, and the Muslim youth, where they can help shape the country's future.
  • With the centre’s expansion, the aim is to educate, train and inspire future leaders, entrepreneurs, civil servants into building a strong workforce in Sri Lanka.