Asymmetry Art Exhibition

The Hope House of Ceylon is a non-governmental organisation newly formed to provide mental health care and career training for the youth of Sri Lanka.

With the atrocities that took place over the Easter Sunday attacks and the violence that spread after, our team decided the Hope House of Ceylon mission should start from Katuwapitiya.

Now we have recognised more than a hundred children and youth who were directly affected with trauma experiences which cost them the lives of their parents, siblings or loved ones.

We have now organised mental health care programs with different activities for these kids and planning to involve their guardians for group activities where we can let them feel that they are not alone, there is a shoulder to cry on and there is a friend to hold them.

Asymmetry Art Exhibition is the launching event of this project aiming to promote these goals and objectives of our mission and to raise awareness about the importance of mental health of this community and gather support from people of Sri Lanka. Our founder is an amateur artist who will be donating all her art for this cause and every single Rupee raised through this event will be funding the project.

Commencing on the 17th of July 2019 the art exhibition will be held at Lionel Wendt Art Gallery Colombo until 21st of July 2019 with the hope to inaugurate this project in Sri Lanka. The opening of the exhibition is planned on 17th (Wednesday) of July at 4.30pm. RSVP Facebbok

We hope you will consider the importance of this social work and contribute as much as you can financially or material wise. These people need your help and support now. Since we are a start-up project it is difficult to carry all the weight alone in our shoulders.

Our team have visited most of the victims houses in order to address their needs and our organisation will utilise every effort to execute this programme in a bottom to top approach, trying to get the maximum positive affect from your support.