Asymmetry Art Exhibition and Fundraiser

Asymmetry Art Exhibition and fundraiser is the first event of our initiative introducing The Hope House of Ceylon.

Asymmetrical Art is a passion project for the founder. The aim of this effort is to present the asymmetry in the world around us, within people, and nature, and to move away from the distorted perspective that some have come to understand. This is evident in the artwork of the founder, and other fellow artists involved in the project.

Despite our differences, there is a need to create awareness in the unity that we have come to form collectively, and see the problems and their solutions in an asymmetrical pattern to enable us to achieve equality through our differences.

As a nation we are in denial of the asymmetrical society we live in. I firmly believe if we want to address those asymmetries in our society, first we need to be aware of the issues and be able to admit that we have not addressed those issues in an effective way. Only then we can walk towards equality, a society where all the communities can live in peace and harmony.
Through expressions of human face I have tried to portrait these asymmetries hoping those colors, lights and shadows will give an important message that as a country we need to help each other and we should build our young generation strong if we want to own a bright future as Sri Lankans.

Pavithra Perera
Founder of The Hope House of Ceylon

The founder aims to provide a visual understanding through artistic means, thus, realizing the goals of the project through multicultural and diverse perspectives in attaining the best possible outcome for the betterment of the youth of Sri Lanka.

When and Where?

Asymmetry Art Exhibition and Fundraiser will launch The Hope House of Ceylon on 17th of July at Lionel Wendt Art Gallery with the bright hope that we will receive the support and help of all Sri Lankans and most importantly social actors like you, a successful business empires, which can bring change to lots of young lives in order for them to change the future of our country.