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In the heavily war affected North, reintegrating traumatized youth into society is key to ensuring that such individuals do not backtrack into anti-social activities. As an example, increased drug smuggling in the North have taken a huge toll on the youth community, which is detrimental to the peace-building process in the country. Therefore, targeted interventions are key to supporting these young lives to reintegrate into society, develop sustainable livelihoods, and contribute overall to peace-building and reconciliation efforts in the island.

Mental health and Education is the key to
save their future…

We are an operational NGO, meaning we plan and carry out grass-roots projects to accomplish our objectives. This requires a great deal of careful planning, communication, and local involvement for each project.
The Hope House of Ceylon plans to combat the aforementioned problems from two different angles. Providing mental health care (starting with 10 youth from the war affected Tamil community in Kilinochchi) for the traumatize youth in order to re integrate them into the society. As the second step open doors for them to pursue their dream by providing education and career training programs with the hope that they will join the workforce in future Sri Lanka and empower individuals like themselves to a bright future.

Asymmetry Art Exhibition and Fundraiser will launch The Hope House of Ceylon on 17th of July at Lionel Wendt Art Gallery with the bright hope that we will receive the support and help of all Sri Lankans and most importantly social actors like you, a successful business empire, which can bring change to lots of young lives in order for them to change the future of our country.

How your donation will help

The impact of The Hope House of Ceylon will be felt in the short, medium, and long term. The following are the project results which will be realized upon completion:

Short-Term (Completion – 1 year) To raise the capital of the project
Medium-Term (1 – 2 years) Establishing the mental health care and career centre in Kilinochchi and to make it operational (planning to start with 10 - 20 victims and expand to a mass number depending on funds)
Long-Term (2 years & Onward) Development of the centre and expansion of its aims in Colombo, where we aim to offer more opportunities to the youth in Sri Lanka.

Assessment of project impact, catalytic effect, and sustainability and cross border impact will be published after the first quarter of the project.

How to support us

There are several ways to support our initiative.
The proposed budget for the The Hope House of Ceylon launching event – Asymmetry Art Exhibition and Fund Raiser is open for donations and sponsorships. Through donation form provide in this webpage you can offer your support! Every submission counts...

Donation opportunities

Asymmetry Art Exhibition – Catalog

The catalog including The Hope House of Ceylon goals, profile of the Artist and the exhibits will be designed with another fund raising aim. The catalog will provide a platform for Sri Lankan tourist industry where businesses can portrait their products and services directly to the European, Canadian and American tourists while helping us to fund Asymmetry Exhibition by donating money through advertisements in the Catalog.
The catalog will be distributed in Art Galleries and Public Libraries across Netherlands, United Kingdom, USA.
35 Advertisements are available for donations.

Silent Auction

If you are unable to allocate any financial support we encourage you to help us in setting up a silent auction on 17th to 21st of July at the Asymmetry art exhibition opening event.
By donating holiday packages, Air tickets, Cinema tickets, and any other entertainment packages the businesses will get an opportunity to help us with non-financial opportunities, which we will later liquidate through an auction open to the guests of the event to bid.   

Equipment and material donations

Since The Hope House of Ceylon is a startup NGO, our workforce is in desperate need of technical, medical and other office equipment. Any small contribution of materials will give our team a fair opportunity to work their best to make this project a reality.
As an example we are in need of this equipment currently:
Video camera, Drone, Computers, Mobile phones, Laptops, Medication supply for our mental healthcare centre


We are happy to receive services from you instead of any financial contributions including your talent, expertise and time in individual levels and transportation, refreshments and any related services as a business.
Education Partner, Sound Partner, Media Partner, Mobile Partner etc.